Thursday, March 23, 2017

Book #3 in the bag!!!!


I just finished my third book for the year.


3) Ziglar on Selling: The ultimate handbook for the complete -sales- professional. - 3/23/2017
I read somewhere that we are all in sales. Consequently, I picked this book to educate myself on the process. It has a must have book if you are into selling of any kind. It breaks selling down into components, and shows you how to tackle each component. For most of my readers - in the medical field- this would not interest you, I know. lol. Still, if you want to read a book on selling, I would recommend this book. 

2) Stand Up Comedy The book, by Judy Carter:
I picked this book to help me with my speeches. It is a book highly recommended by Darren lacroix, a World Champion of Public speaking, which is the same competition I aim to win. My speeches till now have been more on a somber kind, more serious. I wanted to learn the art of creating jokes to insert in my speeches so that it fits right in. Overall, my impression of the book is that it is helpful. I'm going to put a lot of the things mentioned into action.

The book specifically deals with how to create a stand up comedy routine that you can use to become a professional comedian, if thats what you desire, or if you want to be an amateur. It has specific tips that you can follow to become better, and these are given in the Workshop sections.

If you want to improve your jokes, or your comedy routine check it out.

1) Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, by Arnold Schwarzenegger
-- An autobiography detailing his life. "Unbelievably" is absolutely spot on. He has done so much, and on top of that has done it by design, most of the time coming from the position of the underdog, from the position of "hey you, you definitely wont succeed." I highly recommend this book, if you want to be inspired, or simply want to know more about arnold -there is a lot to know. Just one thing... Its long... Very long... about 700 pages or so. But if you are a man of vision, a man that likes to strike out a path on untrodden land do not hesitate to get this book.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Critical Advice for your Journey to Residency

The match is becoming exceedingly competitive. This is something that is common knowledge. In this post I will share some statistics from the match that I find interesting, as well as my thoughts on how to approach the match because of this.

A record number of people applied for the 2017 NRMP Match: 43, 157. Of this number 39, 969 candidates were considered to be active, i.e. after taking out those that withdrew or made no rank list. Of the active applicants 23% (8281 applicants) did not match. This comes up to almost a quarter of the number of active applicants.

IMG’s –US and Non US- made up the bulk of the 8000+ of active applicants that did not match, making up a whooping 72% of them.

When you look at only the IMG’s, 40-50% of the active applicants that applied did not match. 

What does all of this mean for you, who is considering to apply next time? What points am I trying to leave you with? 

I want you to keep two things in mind.

First, not all foreign Schools are equal. The top four Caribbean schools place upwards of 70% of their graduates into residency position – for the American University of the Caribbean I believe that is 80% or more of their students match, which is significantly higher than total IMG match percentage of 50+ percent. This makes sense since the IMG match percentage is just an average, and with averages some samples can be way larger. If you go to  one of those schools you have a leg up on your competition. If not there is still hope.

Secondly, my main purpose in writing this is not to discourage you from applying as an IMG –whether US IMG, non USIMG, from the Caribbean school or not from a Caribbean school. Instead, I want you take the application process serious so that you can increase your chances at matching. Throughout this year, I have interacted with other applicants at interviews and other places, many of whom I kept in contact with. Most of these people ended with matching. These people and I had one thing in common. Focus.

Focus on your Step exams. Do not take them lightly. Pass everything on first attempt and do as well as you can. If you feel like you will not do well, or that you are not ready for the exam, then you should take a class. Do not say you won’t just because it costs money. That money that you will spend to make sure you pass your exams in one shot will save you tens of thousands –yes, ten thousand or more- that you will spend applying again and again because you could not match.

Focus on your interviews. If there was one thing that annoys the living hell out of me, it was hearing that I wasn’t ready for the interview. Huh? You had only one interview and you did not prepare for it. Come on!!!

In short, while AMGs and some Caribbean schools might have a leg up on their competition, everyone can increase their chances at the match with the right focus. 

Good luck on your journey to a match!

P.S: For one of my next posts, I might share my journey of applying to the match 3 times so stay tuned. 


Friday, March 17, 2017

Where will i end up for residency?

I have no idea, but i will find out today, come 1 pm.

My day is packed. I will be attending my schools match day but before that I have to go tutor a young lady in CS for two hours.

Still trying to determine whether I'll actually share it on here... probably not. I had interviews in the East coast and in the South. I can share that much at least.

That said, I enjoyed visiting all the programs that called me in for an interview and I would be elated to become a resident in any one of the 5.

I ended up in the EAST COAST. It was a program that liked the best. Yay!

Speech Contest Yesterday

And 2 nd place goes to ... ... Drum Roll... "kwasi".

That sounds great until you know I placed 2nd out of 2. loool. But at least I have a new trophy to grace some shelf.

I hate losing. I really do. I worked really hard on my speech. It had multiple stories interwoven meticulously to create an ultimate impact. But with loss comes an ability to learn.

Giving speeches is all about communicating, and communicating is all about getting your point across to your audience. If I wasn't able to get my point across, no matter how awesome I initially thought my speech was, it really wasn't.

Where did I go wrong? One of the Judges shared some feedback. She made three points:
1) she couldn't really hear me when I faced a different direction. Therefore, she missed a lot of words, possibly important words.
2) She felt like there where too many points being made in the speech
3) she felt I could work on the structure

I always try to be careful when taking feedback- whether it be in medicine, giving speeches, investing in stocks. First off, I always listen to critique, no matter who it is from. Secondly, I try to find its relevance. Was the evaluation on point or was it off the mark because they did not understand something.

In this case, did she feel there was no structure, or that there where too many points being made because she did not hear some vital words in the speech that tied everything together. Or did the structure really need work, and the points really need some sharpening.

If the problem stems from her inability to hear me, then the solution is quite clear, I need to really work on my delivery of my material, in this case my voice in particular.

If the problem is the actual material i need to work it over some more.

To find out which is which, I'll give the speech again and find out what other advanced people think.

All this said, I am taking nothing away from the winner. He did great! While losing is annoying and sucks, it is also the place where one finds growth. This applies to everything, even to the residency match. Do not the pain of loss go to waste.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why is today awesome?

There are two reasons why today is awesome, for me at least. There are two things going on.

Today, I compete in the next level in Toastmasters Public Speaking contest. I won the contest in my club, so now I move up to the Area level, where I will be competing against winners from other clubs in my Area. If I win the Area level then I will move up to the Division level to face other Area winners.

However, I will not get ahead  of myself. For now, I will just enjoy the competition and try to be at my best.

Today is also the day before people that applied to residency will find out where they will be spending their years as a resident. Yay! I'm looking forward to it.