Friday, March 2, 2018

2018 reading list: 6th and 7th book in the bag

Not quite the book or books that were next on my reading list but I finished them non the less. As per my last post I wanted to complete an EKG book called, by Dubins. However, I ended up reading two very different books.

1) Build a rental property empire, by Mark Ferguson: This book has zero to do with medicine. However, I'm very interested in investing so any chance I get I scour through an investing book. The book provided a behind the scenes look at how he bought and how you thought through buying his properties.

2) Washington Manual Internship Survival guide: I read through this whole book. And let me tell you I wish I had read this book before I started residency. Its short, well for medical book its short, and an easy read. It goes over the some of the tools that you need to have in your repetoire: antibiotics, ekg, procedures, and management of some common cases. It is not pocket medicine with hundreds of diseases and pathologies with their management, this is just, in my opinion, a book that touches on many different areas that a resident needs competency in.

I'm technically done with my reading goals for the year!!! I have read the desired 6 books and even read another one on top of that.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Interview Season is over at my program

For those of you that I met during your interview trails good luck. Remember when you rank, listen to no one but yourself. Rank where you will be happy to go, where you feel best suits your needs for whatever reason, because in the end you will have to deal with the place you pick, and not the person giving you advise.

Note: the season is over at my program but it might still be going on in other places.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 reading list: 5th book in the bag

Finished my 5th book. OOO yeaa.

Book 5: Speed Reading: The Comprehensive Guide To Speed Reading - Increase Your Reading Speed By 300% In Less Than 24 Hours : This is about the 4th book that I've read on reading. All the books have been different. This book dished out the usual techniques to speed read that the other ones expose but in addition to that it also gives ways to solidify and maintain your reading speed. I increased my reading speed to the upper 400wpm, but I never solidified it and I'm back hovering around high 200s and early 300's. My goal is to reach 600 wpm. Anyways back to the book, I thought it did a good job explaining how you can chip away at increasing your speed overall and making it a life long change.

One more book until I've finished my reading goals for the year, one more book till 6 books.

On another note my vacation is almost over. My vacation came at a good time
, it's almost over and its almost time to get back to the grind. Its back to work next week monday. For my last book I'm going to finish the Dubins EKG book.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Reading list: 4th book in the bag

Finished reading my fourth book 2 days ago, monday. 2 more books and I am done with with my reading goal for 2018. Yes. This doesn't mean thats all I will read; I will read a few more.

book 4: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right hook - by Gary Vaynerchauk: this is a book about marketing on social media. Good book. I give it 4/5 stars. It talks about the kind of material to post and how to post them.

Hmmmm... which book to read next?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

2018 Reading list: 3 books in the bag

I loove love love books. I love to read. But problem is time, where is the time to read. With busy residency I come home exhausted and too tired to pick up a book. Of course some months are better than others. I'm currently on a two weeks staycation - vacation spent at home and in my city- and I'm enjoying just relaxing. Up till now I've read 3 books two for fun and one to work on a skill.

1) The House of God by Samuel Shed: This details the ordeals of a intern in a hospital called the House of God. Its true depiction of life as an intern, sharing not only what happens to the interns, how they react to it, but also how they feel emotionally and physically. After 6 months in my intern year I can say there are quite a few things that I saw happened to me as well. I did not agree with some of the protagonists -the authors- conclusions. Still its a great book if you want to get an insight as to how Intern year is.
2) Speed Reading: How to double (or triple) your reading speed in just 1 hour!  by Justin Hamond: This book was a quick read. I always wanted to improve my reading speed. I thought the book was short and to the point. While I do not think my reading speed improved in 1 hour I think I with practicing the tips in the book will rev up my reading speed.
3) Pimp, the story of my life - by Iceberg Slim: I first heard about this book while watching a Dave Chapelle skit. An ex pimp looks back on his life and gives vivid details of the horrific things he did to others or that were done him. It reads like a movie. At the end of this book I question whether these events really happened because some of these things seemed so inordinate, or extraordinary or outlandish.

I have already read 3 of the 6 books that I plan on reading this year.